Astronaut Action Figure

October 9, 2020
Now the suiting up process: I

Astronaut Action Figure Play Set for Alien invasion of Mars

Ideas for our initial Mars Exploration

Astronaut / Alien (A poseable, jointed explorer):

The moment we step foot on Earth we can call ourselves Aliens!!! Our heroes are wearing the latest in space technology, complete with pressurized suits and made to be compatible with the many accessories required to establish the first human colony on mars. Suit is designed with a Jet pack (good for short burst with Mar's reduced gravity), securing device on rover, and port to landing capsules.
The suit is manufactured in one piece with no assembly required taking full advantage of the latest technologies in 3D printing. Even though printed in one piece the arms and legs move with a great range of motion.

Landing Capsule (Orion Evolved):

Inspired and developed by the work on the Orion Capsule. The shape change was required for 3D printing/manufacturing. Once landed the crew will convert the capsules into living space and labs with all the comforts of home.
The emergency hatch prints in one piece and once manufacturing is completed opens and closes with no additional assembly required. To the left of the door is the emergency air lock release. To the left of the release is the port to enter and exit the capsule directly into the suit utilizing the same concept developed by for the small pressurized rover (SPR)
Mar's 1st Makerbot (it's big):

Inside the Capsule our team has a large Makerbot Printer based on the Z18 design (mars edition). It is sealed and temperature controlled and can even be placed outside when multiple printers arrive. The printer will be utilized to make the creature comforts, needed tools, and replacement parts required for colonization.

Water System (converted LDSD):

Once landed, the team will need more equipment than they can carry with the landing capsules. This team will used Jet Propulsion Laboratory'?s Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSDs) to carry the needed supplies and equipment to Mars. The LDSDs can be converted to useful service. One is being used to purify the already present water and extract Hydrogen / Oxygen. The unit has most general assembly completed on Earth and finishing touches done by the crew on Mars.

Mars Car (Chariot's Ugly Cousin) :

Based on the Chariot design for Mars Exploration, our team rides in style. The vehicle is made out of a chain of many small vehicles. This has many advantages, as you can right-size the vehicle for each job while leaving the rest of the vehicle for other explorer's use. One vehicle can used as a self-balancing scooter. If one piece of the chain breaks down the rest can easily bring it back increasing safety. The vehicle is designed to be used standing up as it is hard to sit down in the suit. The vehicle includes a removable attachment module and a drill to find water and other necessary elements for survival and research. The car can be retrofitted with a Small Pressurized Rover (SPR) in the future. The concept would have a bed that is completely flat when no attachments are used.

Green House:

The green house is there for psychological health while providing some needed O2 and food. The green house will be a place the team can relax and take care of a little bit of transplanted Earth (grown in tanks of water). As more capsules land, the green house is expandable by the trusses which lock together.

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