How Will Saturn Look?

Can you see thing rings of Saturn in a telescope and Cassini's Division (the dark gap between the bands of rings)? How about it's moon's.

The Moon In A C14 Telescope

How Much Detail Can I See?

While there are quality differences among telescope types, a good rule of thumb is: buy the largest aperture telescope you can afford.

Resolution In Different Size Telescopes

Can I See Deep Sky Objects?

Deep sky objects generally require darker sky conditions (no city lights), and 6 inch or greater aperature is prefered for detailed observations.

Telescope Facts

Telescope Facts

Thinking about purchasing your first telescope? Be sure you read this before spending too much money on something that your not sure about.

Who We Are

Or, Are We Who?

TelescopeZone was created to give you the basic facts about telescopes and astronomy.

It is not our intention to sway you in on direction or another, merely to present facts.

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Before You Buy A Telescope

Learn About The Different Types

  • Refractor Telescopes


    Great for suburban areas or out in the country.
  • Reflector Telescopes


    Larger aperature performs better in dark skies away from the city lights.
  • Cassegrain Telescopes


    Performs well in the suburbs, and good very good in the country.