Astronaut High School Florida

March 15, 2022
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Administration & Policies: The administration to me as a student make difficult decisions to better help our school. They provide as much help as they can give and the principal is always there when you need him and he is always open minded. Our guidance counselors are there for us for academic purposes. Bullying is a big no in our school we have no tolerance for bullying.

Administration & Policies: The attendance policies are a bit harsh. I wish the administration got to know the students as individuals.

Administration & Policies: The school administration is very reliable and helpful to all students and family. The administration gets very involved and tries to help and participate in any advising as much as they can. All school policies are addressed and enforced upon with situations.

Administration & Policies: The principal is rarely present at any extracurricular school activities. The guidance counselors are fairy helpful and see students in a timely manner. Administration does not do much to address bullying and enforcement of the dress code is fairly lax after the first week of the school year.

Administration & Policies: Most of the administration is very good, but there are a select few that turn a blind eye and allow kids to walk the halls with barely anything covering their bodies.

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