Astronaut Cartoon

February 22, 2021
To Boldly Go

Chris Hadfield AstronautTech InsiderFormer astronaut Chris Hadfield.Astronaut Chris Hadfield is launching a crowd-funded animated comedy science series called "It's Not Rocket Science."

Hadfield became famous during his time on the International Space Station for a series of videos where he did everything from explaining how to brush your teeth in space, to performing an impressive cover of David Bowie's song "Space Oddity."

Hadfield is now retired, but it seems he's still interested in the video-making business.

Hadfield and his son have announced a new team effort to provide an entertaining series of science videos to the masses.

In this new animated series, Hadfield will be the narrator and main character, his son Evan Hadfield will write and produce the series, while two artists and developers will work on the animation.

The team plans to release 10 videos (one every month) starting this winter.

We're creating what we believe will be the best science comedy animated series of all time. Our goal isn't just to deliver facts, but to explain the stories that make progress interesting. If we want to make a better future, we need better explanations of our present. We need people to understand where the ship is sailing if they're ever going to tend the sails.

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