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November 30, 2021
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Dr. Nathan Harl, Managing Editor
Sandia National Laboratories

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Recent Papers:

On Noether’s Theorem and the Various Integrals of the Damped Linear Oscillator
Andrew J. Sinclair, John E. Hurtado…

Extremal Control and Guidance Solutions for Orbital Transfer with Intermediate Thrust
Dilmurat M. Azimov, Fernando A. Sanabria

A Magnus Series-Based Modified Sweep Method for Optimal Control
D. H. Cho, Srinivas R. Vadali

Deterministic Bilinear System Identification
Cheh-Han Lee, Jer-Nan Juang

Stability of Nonlinear Systems with Unknown Time-varying Feedback Delay
Apurva A. Chunodkar, Maruthi R. Akella

State Transition Matrix for Perturbed Orbital Motion Using Modified Chebyshev Picard Iteration
Julie L. Read, Ahmad Bani Younes…

Asteroid Target Selection and Orbital Manipulation Sensitivity for Deflection Demonstration Missions
J. P. Sanchez

Equivalence of Two Solutions of Wahba’s Problem
F. Landis Markley

Efficient Covariance Interpolation Using Blending of Approximate Covariance Propagations
Sergei Tanygin

Prospects of Relative Attitude Control Using Coulomb Actuation
Hanspeter Schaub, Daan Stevenson

Enhanced Visualization and Autonomous Extraction of Poincaré Map Topology
Wayne Schlei, Kathleen C. Howell…

Mission Considerations for Transfers to a Distant Retrograde Orbit
Chelsea M. Welch, Jeffrey S. Parker…

On the Bound of Tschauner-Hempel Equations’ Error with Respect to Keplerian Motion
Yong Hu, Yongchun Xie, Tiantian Jiang

Terminal Multiple Surface Sliding Guidance for Planetary Landing: Development, Tuning and Optimization via Reinforcement Learning
Roberto Furfaro, Daniel R. Wibben…

Closed-form Solutions for Optimal Orbital Transfers Around Oblate Planets
Alexander Galperin, Pini Gurfil

Analytic Transfer Functions for the Dynamics & Control of Flexible Rotating Spacecraft Performing Large Angle Maneuvers
Tarek A. Elgohary, James D. Turner…

Trajectory Design for MoonRise: A Proposed Lunar South Pole Aitken Basin Sample Return Mission
Jeffrey S. Parker, Timothy P. McElrath…

Transforming Mean and Osculating Elements Using Numerical Methods
Todd A. Ely

Technical Note
Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Model-Based Control of Spacecraft with Flexible Appendage
Mohammad A. Ayoubi, Chokri Sendi

An Accurate and Efficient Gaussian Fit Centroiding Algorithm for Star Trackers

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