Astronaut Costume Helmet

August 30, 2020
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Astronaut CostumeJami Saunders

What you'll need Pair of footed pajamas with zipper, duct tape, scissors, twine, a clear acrylic globe ($23;, rotary tool, drill, screws, 2 small sink strainers, bib, Velcro

Make it:
1. Space suit: Lay the pajamas flat on a table and cover with strips of duct tape, smoothing out bumps and wrinkles as you go. To create a ribbed effect on the arms and legs, put twine under the tape (3 pieces on each strip).
2. Helmet: Use a rotary tool and cut out a quarter of a clear, rimless acrylic globe, to allow easy breathing and quick removal. Carefully drill two holes on the top of helmet and screw on two sink strainers for antennas. On the inside of the helmet, put a few small squares of duct tape over the screws.
3. Chest plate: Cover bib with duct tape. Line the neck edge and edge of globe with opposite sides of Velcro (this helps keep the helmet on). Add space-related embellishment if desired.

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